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X300 Update

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Have not checked in for a few years, the X300 is at near 400 hours. The K46 is pretty noisy and has lost a bit of ground speed but it's still working. Will probably put a new unit in (it's 10 years old). I bought the X300 first year production. The engine is maintained with Castrol Edge 10W30 (Syntec) and has 2 valve adjustments in near 400 hours. No oil leaks or consumption. Runs like new.

Thought about a K57 or K66 upgrade and it's just not worth it to me. The X300 is a legit 20 year machine with a 10 year transaxle if it's not abused.
I never changed the oil in the transaxle. The new one will get the 5W50 synthetic right off the bat and a intermediate change. I thought of a repair kit but the cases are 10 years old, not worth the risk or money.

JD could have done better than the K46, and the K58 is only marginally better. If one needs a tractor for lugging, something with a K71 or K72 (old GT or newer X500) is the choice if you have the pockets.
Otherwise the X300 is still a class leader at that price point IMHO.
Best to all.:thThumbsU
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This is why I wish deere had more options.

If deere had a x300 k46.
And a deere x300 gear.

I wouldn't even hesitate on the decision between the two. Hydro would be great for mowing, if it lasted. But I would choose the x300 geared, because chances are. It's going to tow and push snow, pull a landscape trailer. It will suck for mowing, but would have longevity. That would be more important too me than speed mowing.
K46 will last a while if you baby it. Don't overload it, don't overheat it. I almost wish there was a fan upgrade for the k46, like a metal fan. Something that the blades do not flex. Maybe then, it would stay cooler.

Keep it clean is about the best advice you can get with these light duty hydro's.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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