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I am about to take delivery of a new X 720 with the Special Edition Package. I will primarily be using this to push snow right now. My dealer tells me at the last minute that you can not add wheel weights to this model due to the way the wheel has been manufactured. She took it upon herself to order the Suitcase weight bracket and some suitcase weights. This tractor is replacing a stolen 140 that I had for a number of years, when it was taken it was set up with the blade on it and wheel weights, and lug tires. I had seen very favorable comments on this site about the HDAP tires in the snow. Two questions are, is this true that I am going to have to use the suitcase weights instead of wheel weights, and is there a way that I can look at the serial number on this tractor and be able to tell the manufacture date of this tractor. Any feedback from anyone having one of these would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.:thanku:
well your dealer must've forgot to tell John Deere about this change!

If you go to John Deere's website you will see that the part number for the 72 lb rear wheel weight is BM17973 and the part number for the adapter for the special edition rims is BM21497.

maybe you need to direct your dealer to go online and do a build your own John Deere,you can still order it on the website.

this one shows the adapter plate. $29.00 each
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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