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WTB: Bush Hog D4-7 Rhode Island (story inside)

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Hi everyone! I posted a thread a while back, it seems to have gotten lost so I am reposting it in hopes that you guys might come across this garden tractor.

Trying to find my fathers old D4-7 Bush Hog tractor. It was sadly sold 10 years ago at a yard sale in Coventry Rhode Island when my family had to move. I've since moved back to RI and am on the hunt for it. As a child I would ride on his lap while we mowed the lawn, did yard work, or he'd just attach the trailer to it and pull me around the front lawn to have fun. That tractor built the home and leveled the land I grew up on.

Photos from when I was a child are attached below and I also have the serial number which is 7396. It would mean the world to me to find it again. I know it's a long shot, but these tractors aren't common like cub cadets or wheel horses so when you see one, you'll know what it is. I am willing to pay a finders fee to get it back too. Willing to travel to get this back into the family so one day when I have a son, we can do the same thing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please reply with any leads or tips to find this tractor. Thank you!

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Oh I am already on there :) Poor Daniel has to deal with me on a weekly basis LOL
Thank you for the info guys :) Still looking.
Yep, 1986 :)

I've had it on CL for roughly a year. I get many responses saying how hot I sound and how all these attractive women want to meet me. ;) I never knew bush hogs were such a turn on to women.
up... still on the hunt!
I know it's out there somewhere!
Thank you very much! Please let me know if it's also for sale as I'd be interested in buying it. I'll send you a PM too.
up.. the hunt continues!

Here's to a new year!
Thank you, still looking for it.

Here's to a new year and luck in finding it!
1 - 14 of 24 Posts
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