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I wanted to get back to this thread and give an update:
I checked out what the market had to offer - tested out a bunch
and once again concluded the Wright Stander Rapid height series are still considered the best - of course that might sound biased but thats from many conversations with the pros that use them - They take up less room than most W/B as well - but they are not cheap -
I use this one at my residence and local maintainence - its not in the daily mix. I had 4 local maintaince stops that are 2-3 acres + with some steep slopes relatively speaking - I didnt feel comfortable or in total control without sliding on the Wright Stander in some areas, so my Cub 3204 w/ AG's take care of them without an issue. I dont have a mower for my 2520 (maybe a RFM later), but on the straights I can cut full speed with excellent results on the Wright Stander- makes short work of large lots fast..I use 3 gator blades and never have to bother with clippings, but have a gobbler (metal catch basket) when needed for tight areas where I cant discharge. Im impressed with this machine no doubt about it -

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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