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WOW!! what a machine

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This past fall I decided to sell my troy bilt riding mower and upgrade to a garden tractor. Honestly I was looking at the JD's but I really dig the retro look so when I stumbled upon a case 446 in my area at a decent price I decided to make the purchase. I have received a lot of great advice (and some parts) from folks on this forum and it is greatly appreciated.

I finally got a chance to use it this evening even though there really wasn't that much snow I had to try it out. Man what a machine! I anticipated better performance than the LT but this thing was a horse. I had wheel weights and that was it. It worked like a charm. Next on the list is fixing that pesky throttle creep. I needed a third hand but it was fun.

I know everyone likes action shots and unfortunately my wife is sick and there is no way I could get her outside so you will have to settle for some post action shots. I'm embarrassed to show the pics because of the EXTREMELY messy garage but enjoy

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They are great tractors for there size. Isn't it funny how powerful they are compared to a new 24 hp "tractor" with cup holders. P.S. your 446 looks really good :fing32:

You call that garage messy , I better never post any of mine :biglaugh::biglaugh:
Thanks, I appreciate the comments
I can't make up my mind if I like the 446 or the 69' better. Both look great to me. You can see the floor in your shop so yours plenty clean.:thThumbsU
The camaro is my pride and joy although it has been neglected the last couple of years with the birth of my other pride and joy :)
Nice looking Case! Like john your garage is spotless compared to mine. I have 2 paths that make a + so I can get around. :banghead3
The throttle creep might be a simple fix, just check to make sure all of the clamps and connections on your throttle cable are good and tight. Nice machine!
These little tractors are amazing. I have a 446 and a 224, both of which see year round use.
GReat looking 446, and BTW, your garage is spotless in my eyes. :biglaugh::biglaugh:Only thing I see wrong is the Camaro being used as a lumber rack LOL:ROF
Ditto , great looking machines (tractor & car) .

Great looking tractor. slkpk
YOU DID GOOD! You would have had to go way up in the JD line to match the capabilities of this tractor, I think. It looks new. The Camaro is nice, but I noticed also what looks like a Honda 70 Trail. I know it's not in a league with a car but it is a toy I want for riding around my few acres.:fing32:
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Great looking Case & Camaro!! :fing32:

You really could use some less expensive shelving in that garage??:dunno:
here a thread of member sheds to check out:

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Thanks again for the comments guys. I know, I need shelves :). The lumber you see is actually some quarter round that I have been trying to install for months and just not had time.

Kentucky Wildcat, it is actually a cheaper version of the honda (I forget the actual make). My dad retired a few years ago and and this was the first thing he purchased and then became bored with it after 2 years so I took it. I don't use it much other than to putt around the field or run around our neighborhood.
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What tractor? I can't take my eyes off that 69 camaro! Sweeeet!! G man
100% better than anything new you could buy....
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