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Wouldn't this be cool on a Gravely?

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I was browsing around and saw someone in the CUT section was discussing a mini round baler rebuild. I did a bit of digging, and found that the same company makes a mini baler designed to be mounted to walk-behinds! It's a direct fit for Rapids, and also works with BCS. It couldn't take much more than a simple adapter to get one hooked to a Gravely.

I'll admit that the price is a bit daunting, and I don't really have a use for it, but it's just too cool! I wonder if you'd have to find a hay rake? Unfortunately the standard old Gravely rake is for piling, not baling, but I think I've seen something like it. Those front pinwheels may mean that you don't need to pre-rake.

I'm going to have to take a look at the equipment made for farming with European walk-behinds. It looks like they are still taking them seriously.

Here are a couple of websites I found on the machine: INGLESE/prod02.htm & s machinery pages/Balers/front_mounted_mini_baler.htm


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You can get one for a Gravely Rapid Model E or U.
My local CL comes up with a BCS machine every 6-8 months. I thought about getting one of those mini balers to hit the Niche market for custom horse hay. Then I saw the price of one AND that you had to pull the bale out by hand. I just couldnt see how to recoup the money.
Good friend is an engineer for Vermeer working on hay equipment. While at an ag expo one time I asked him about them and he said they are a lot of work for such a small bale and you can just about buy a 4' pull baler used for one of these little guys.
I like seeing the stuff out of Europe, man they have alot of different "tools" to use with their machines and also many different manufacturers of 2 wheeled tractors to chose from, unlike here in the US. They have some real cool old stuff also. Seems they use their machines awhole lot more for Ag, especially in areas that are just plain too steep to get anything else on or to small to bother having a bigger ride on machine. I guess they dont mind walking either. Just seems like a different environment/attitude about them over there.
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