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Would Like To Change Decks

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I have a 2012 John Deere X740 with 60" 7 Iron Deck, just purchased a 2017 John Deere X750 with 54" deck. Does anyone know if these decks will interchange? Am going to give the X740 to my son and keep the X750 but really do like the 7 Iron Dec. Thanks in advance!!!!
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It can be done, but im not sure exactly what is involved.

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I got to where I could get under the X750 and it has totally different lift arms, guess I'm stuck with the 54. Will have to see what I can do to make front gauge wheels swivel!!!!
EH, You don't need gauge wheels that swivel! Those are anti-scalping wheels and should be set 1/2" ABOVE ground level...when on a level surface. They only "come into play" if you hit a low spot. These prevent the deck from dragging/scalping your lawn. Bob
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