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Hello all,

i kow many of us here have much experience with the Honda experience.. Mine is but just over 1 year.. so far.

Last year I replaced my umpty-ump year old 3813 water pump due to wear on the waterpump pulley teeth. Since then I have recommended others do the same if the teeth appear worn... Longevity of service has been my motivation.

Today, while nosing around the what's for sale HT3813-wise I came on this... a waterpump... used but in good shape according to seller .. on EBay..


Looking at the pump pulley, and believe me... the seller knows nothing... This pulley is seriously worn out.

We all might be more aware with our "25 year old" Honda charges and replace the pump before dentures are mandatory?

Cheers all, MBL


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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