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Workmaster 55

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I just purchased a new holland work master 55 and the manual isn't very clear on cold starting it. It says turn the key to position 3 and wait a few seconds while the glow plugs heat the combustion chamber, then start. My question is, shouldn't there be a glow plug light or something indicating it is ready to start?
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I found a couple of videos that discusses the operation of the Workmaster and in both videos the guy just hops up on the tractor and turns the key with absolutely no mention of glow plugs or a warm-up.

Near the end of this video he discusses the instrument panel and when he lights up the display I don't see any icons that look like a glow plug indicator.

Maybe you can contact your local NH dealer or the guys in the videos (Messick Farm Equipment) and see if they can shed some light on this. Otherwise, I've Googled till I can't Google anymore. Hopefully you'll get an answer.
The Workmaster 35 & 40 mention a "Cold starting aid indicator light" but when searching for owners manual with a pix of dash came up empty. There is a GLOW Relay PN MT40007191 shown as #17 in a parts diagram from NH, but alas it is NLA. Of course they tell you that if this is a problem, then you should call the dealer. There was no mention of same thing with searching for 55. But then again there is a paucity of 55 articles anywhere. Some posts, including this thread show up along with a couple on TBN, but otherwise it seems we are looking into something that is highly classified.
I hope your local dealer or a customer rep at New Holland can help. Pls post any info you receive.
Pooley, did you ever find an answer? I have a 2014 and I do think (almost positive ) it has the glow plug light, but I do not think that it goes out on a timer to tell folks that it is warm enough to start like some manufacturers use. I think that it stays on as long as you hold the key in that position. I also think that I read in the manual once that it says to set the throttle Half way? then after it starts throttle it back down. I do not do that and mine starts great at idle position.
Rookie troubleshooter and Forum user seeks suggestions: My Workmaster 55 dash glow plug indicator light quit working three days ago when the key was placed in the #3 position. The weather was in the 55 degree F range and the tractor did start and I ran it a few hours . The engine turned over a shade longer than normal than if the glow plugs had been working . I have not tried to restart it since then. Trying to troubleshoot, I find my Furukawa Calciccharge maintenance free battery electrolite level is approximately 3/4 " below the max line on the battery housing. No plates are visible looking down through the removable cell openings. . I put it on a normal 12 volt battery charger. It started pulling 3 amps and within one hour was down to zero amps. ( I later learned these batteries require a higher voltage , special, to charge them. I have put no distilled water in it to restore the electrolite level.) With a volt ohm meter I find the buss bar between glow plugs is grounded and stays grounded regardless if the key is held in position #3 or not, Does that mean I need to be looking for a short? This resistance check was done with the battery disconnected. With the battery still disconnected the top of the installed glow plugs is grounded along with the lower hex shaped portion of the glow plug body, I checked two of the four. I do not understand if they are supposed to be that way or not. Any suggestions on troubleshooting would be appreciated. Thank you.
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