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Working in the yard

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Got some seat time today. Lawn swept the yard. I hooked up my custom made hitch to my Brinly adapter, so I can use my attachments and not have to take it off.

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I'm surprised you you've got that many leaves down already that far south. Around here they are just begging to lose their leafs. I won't be done with fall clean up until the last week of Nov to first week of Dec. slkpk
Ground has been so dry--they are steady falling here....Pine tags , also..

Good looking pictures--Thanks!!:thanku:

Leaves are starting to turn and fall here too. I mulch mow over them first before sweeping. That way I get much more into the hopper. I hate making too many trips to the compost pile with light loads of fluff.
just a random question, what gear were you in? never used a sweeper before
Thanks guys! :thThumbsU

Hugh: I was in first gear. I have the hi speed Craftsman sweeper, and you don't have to go fast for it to work properly. :trink39:
Great pictures, You really have been keeping the 100 busy the last few weeks.
Plowing last weekend, and pulling the sweeper this week :thThumbsU
Nothing like good seat time CCAC, I'm surprised too at the amount of leaves you got down this early too for your neck of the woods, but looks like you are getting on it right away :).
Nice looking machine! That is one tough looking tractor.

The leaves here are dropping too due to the dryness. I have a big ash tree in the back yard that is 80% bare already. The hickorys are turning along with the maples and the oaks are just starting to turn.

If we don't get some rain soon, I have a feeling that hunting season might be in trouble with the fire threat.
Late summer usually brings some leaves down in the south due to it being dry.
Thanks guys! I really appreciate it! It's been very dry here lately. I'll probably be in the yard again this weekend. :thThumbsU
Great looking Cub ya got there. I am also impressed with that sweeper. Seems like it takes it's job very seriously. Hows it do when the leaves are a carpet? Nice yard btw.
Thanks for the nice compliments, Glad2bHere! It does an awesome job, and I enjoy the seat time! :thThumbsU
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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