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Work master 25s

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Hey everyone thanks for the add.. so I work for a decent size estate/farm.. we just recently purchased some new equipment and the work master 25s I’m having some issues with and the dealer has come out and looked at my issues and the guy that came out and told me he doesn’t see a problem with how this tractor is mowing… yes the grass is thick and luscious looking but I wasn’t able to mow for a week because they had the mower for warranty work.. he wanted me to try unbolting the front baffle on the deck and try that but now it’s leaving stops of cut grass between both outside and middle blade so I will be bolting that back on but wet grass or dry grass it’s leaving strips of cut grass between the left and middle blade has anyone else had this issue or I am I the only one with this gremlin of a problem.. our previous mower was a new holland tz18da and it blows this thing out of the water for mowing
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If you are still looking for answer? I'm a John Deere user, but what I see happening in your pictures isn't unusual depending on certain correctable conditions. So, with that in mind, I have a few questions for you. Please bear with me as they are very basic troubleshooting questions.

1. Are you using a mulching kit or just side discharging?

2. What size deck does the 25S have and what size deck did the TZ18 have?

3. What cutting height is your deck set to and have you verified the blade height setting while on flat surface like a garage floor?

4. When verifying the cutting height setting, with the blades oriented parallel to the direction of travel, are the blade tips higher, lower, or the same at the front versus the back?

5. About how tall is the grass when you are cutting?

6. Are you cutting while running at wide open throttle or other manufacturer recommended speed or a lower throttle setting?

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Sometimes underneath the deck moist grass gets caked on and that may cause clumps of grass left in the middle of the cut. The space where its caked on, needs to be scrap off so there is space open, so the clippings can be air lifted out.
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