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Work Horse Deck

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I picked up a Work Horse outfit yesterday. Have not had a chance to check it all out yet, but I am wondering if decks from any of the regular Wheel Horse tractors would fit right on this? This appears to be a 1984 GT1800. Any info' would be helpful, as I am new to WH tractors and attachments.
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Hi.........yes ,,wheel Horse Decks Will Fit. It Is The Same As Wheel Horse, But They Have B&s Engines. I Have A Gt-1800-h That Is A Real Worker. I Use It To Plow , Move Trailers And Cut Grass. Russ
Are you sure?

If they're anything like the 2 Craftsman mowers that I have, nothing's the same on either of them, except they're both 42 inch 2 blade. I can't swap them from one to another.
I'll back Russ up on this.....
The only Attach-Matic deck that isn't a direct fit is the 37" two blade model and even it can be used if the front spindles/wheels/tires are changed to 6 inchers like used on some of the 310/312 models. (or you never turn left :cool: )
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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