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Woods BH6500 backhoe-Anyone have one?

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I have a Woods BH6500 backhoe for my Kubota B7500. I blew a boom cylinder hose and decided to change them all. Thats all done, everything works.
My problem is I cant remember how the steel cover goes on the console under the plastic cover, I took it apart in the rain and didn't take a picture. I also don't remember whether I took the hoses off before or after the cover. (old age brain fart). Whether I try it notch up or down, it seems to pinch hoses.
Does anyone have a 6500 and can post a pic?
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I think mine is a 6500 but very old. I don’t know of any plastic cover.
Mine is a 2001 and the cover the joysticks and stabilizer go thru is plastic; covers the top and front of the valve body; below that is a steel cover, that goes around the hoses somehow, but like I said, it pinches the hoses and I don't want to force it if I'm doing it upside down
Mine appears to be much older, maybe even before the 6500 came out. No plastic cover, or it's been extensively modified.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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