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Won't start when hot

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My 0292-7087 starts great when it is cold and runs well.

If I shut if off it will not start again when it is hot.

Plug is new, filter clean, float good, just replaced all the throttle parts, spring etc.

Any idea out there?

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Might check or swap your fuel cap, breather could be clogged, then builds a vacuum, may not even be 'heat' related, but that it happens after pressure builds in the tank, but cannot be released, just ran into this on TWO honda motors at work. I couldnt believe it.
Coil is new. Will check fuel cap. Maybe vapor lock, noticed smoke coming from throat of carb, when cooling down and with air cleaner off?

Put a small amount of fuel mix in the spark plug hole and then see if it will try to run. If it runs it is vapor locking or not getting fuel to the float bowl. I not then check for spark, it maybe the coil. As long as you have spark , fuel, and compression it should run.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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