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wont run right

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i have a suburban i believe to be about a 12hp unknown due to so many layers of paint. i am having a real hard time keeping it running, it will not idle at all only wide open and seems to be runnning very lean and hot so i stopped using it. i am noticing some smoke blowing out were the head, and block meet so i guess the head gasket is shot could this be causing my problems? ill get some pics up asap of it with the grader blade i built for it's 3pt hitch
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Sounds like the head gasket. How much compression does it have?
sounds to me its running lean, which can cause the headgasket to give up. my 12 had a blown head gasket when i got it and still ran fine, just weak.
ill pick one up this morning then its been leaking there since i got it running but was missing the lower needle in the carb when i got it so probably was run lean and caused it...guess that would explain why its seems to have no power when it does run thank you both
compression seems very low although i have not tested it i dont have a fitting for this size motor
You wont get an accurate reading anyway,it has a built in compression release for easier starts,so a compression gauge wont give a good indication of actual comprtession..

If the blower housing is clogged with a rats nest or grass clippings it'll overheat and could blow the head gasket and make it seem to be running lean too.
well bad news the parts store/ mower shop cannot get the head gasket so i guess im outta luck unless someone knows something on either making one or finding one...real bummer too since i just got the carb kit to finish freshening it up this week
thanks alot ss skppy but they called back and have me one comin from techumseh should be here nxt week now I'm very happy I'll be sre to get them pics up tomorrow
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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