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Wondering About Plastic Case on an Echo Saw

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Hearing Good things about these newly-designed Echoes. But, one thing worries me, and that is that they are constructed with a plastic case. All I keep thinking about is what would happen if you dropped a good size log on your saw on a 20 degree day when that plastic is good and brittle. Any thoughts or considerations? Thanks.
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A log is gonna break parts on any saw, be it mag cases or plastic.

Typically the top handle and air filter cover take most of the impact.

There are hundreds of thousands of plastic case Stihls and Huskys out cutting firewood in sub zero temps. If it was a problem, they wouldn't be popular.
I concur. I have two Stihl saws, both with plenty of plastic. While I do care for my tools and make sure to use them properly (not abuse them), they look like new after a few years of cutting firewood.

If the plastic case pieces are a new thing for Echo, I would avoid them for a year or two to be sure they don't have issues from a new design. Otherwise, you'll be fine.
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Thanks, fellas
Best advice I can give is to not drop logs on any saw even those old beast from the 1950's and 60's that weights 50 pounds or more.

I would buy the Echo and not worry about it.
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