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Wisconsin TRA-10D reving out of control....

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I just rebuilt my Wisconsin TRA-10D engine and I could not have been happier when I first put it back onto my 1050 and started it and it run great. Well that was up until yesterday when I went to go mow the lawn, I got about 15 minutes into it and the motor just started race out of control. I immediately turned the key off and started looking at the linkage for around the carb and the governor. Nothing seemed out of place. So then i thought maybe something jammed up in the carb somewhere. So I am thinking about taking the carb off and giving it a ood once over, but I do not have the manual for the Zenith carb. My first question is am I on the right track and the second is is there a break down manual of the the Zenith carb?

Thanks agian
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Reset your governor to specs.
Almost sounds like a gov spring came loose or broke.
If that were the case, the engine should only idle. Odds are the governor arm slipped on the shaft.
ditto justinR need to reset the governor, i had this issue on a jd 300 i had
I will double check the linkage on the governor when I get home tonight.

What happen was it was running fine and then all of a sudden raced to the point that it sounded like it was going to explode. If I hold the card throttle to closed the engine still wants to race all the way up, so it must be getting way to much gas somewhere I would think.

I will also check to see if the governor arm slipped. I will report back with my findings. thanks for the information.
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Might be that something happened to the flapper on the inside that controls the amount of gas going into the motor, causing it to run full open ungoverned all the time. You might have to take the carb off to check that.

too much gas will NOT rev the motor it will flood it out
Your governor needs reset.Had the same exact problem with my 1050.

You have to watch how hard you pull the throttle out.They don't have a stop on them like the leaver type ones do (well atleast mine didn't).You didn't hurt anything unless you ran it wide open for an extended amount of time.

Here I took this out of the manual.It may help you better than I can explain it.

Wow that was to small here ya go Bigger FTW...
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OK so I have the Manual ad went through the steps on setting the Governor. The tractor will Idle all be it it is still a little high. But if I give it any throttle at all it wants to rev out of control. When I was looking at the linkage on the carburetor and governor I noticed that the # 12 on the picture below was very loose.(throttle lever shaft) I am wondering if there is a good amount of air being sucked in through this location causing the mix to thin out. I also notice that there is a lose of power, I can not even start the mower deck without the tractor staling.

Side note: My Wisconsin does have a stop so that the throttle can not be pulled beyond a certain point.
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Is the governor trying to close the throttle when the engine revs? If not then something is binding or broken in that area. If yes then you may have a crack or other leak letting air enter the intake or several small leaks such as the loose shaft you found.

i had that similar problem on a tra-10d engine. high revs and no power- after exhausting -and eliminating all the external possibilities- turned out to be the pin on the gov "flyweight gear" was stuck- disapointing- but not that big a deal- remove engine and take off the output side engine cover- see if the center govenor pin slides out easily when spreading aprt the gov flyweights- as we know- wen we pick these tractors up- they may have been sitting for a long time - this gov gear assy can get corroded
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Did you ever figure it out?

My Idle return Spring broke and made it idle fast.It hooks on the carb and the steel nipple on the Breather assembly.
Sorry for the late reply on this, but I finally got back to and fixed it this weekend, got sick of pushing a mower. So it turns out that what happened is that the arm that attaches to the shaft on for the governor was slipping. Every time I would reset the the governor and then start up and pull the throttle the arm would slip and the engine would rev out of control. I ended up pushing the arm down on the shaft about 1/16" or so, so the shaft protruded past the arm.(it was almost pretty even before I moved it down) Once I did this and reset the the governor using the proper steps and tightening the bolt good and tight, the tractor is back to running. I really had to tighten the bolt, there is allot more pressure on the governor then I thought.
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Good thread here. My 12HP Wisconsin experiences similar engine slow down when I put a load on it. I tried adjusting linkage per the book and no luck. I'll have to check for a loose linkage on that shaft. If that is not the problem I guess taking the side cover off for the pin is the next step.
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