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Wisconsin S-7D Motor refusing to start

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I'm still scratching my head with this one. From my bush hog D4-7. Finally got it to turn over and now it's not starting. Fresh battery, new spark plug, fuel, carb cleaner, engine starting spray, nothing. It just keeps turnin and turnin.

From all of that (not being a master of engines by any means), I would assume it's not getting a spark, no spark not from lack of fuel. So the distributor maybe? No power to that?

What do you guys think? Thank you all for your time.
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Checked all of that and thank you for posting that info. Without that post I wouldn't have tried that. I have a spark and all the wires are good.

At this point I'm a little lost. Almost got it to kick over. Playing with the tiny throttle knob behind the carb while spraying starting spray into the carb that's almost all the way choked has almost gotten her to kick over. She wants to, but isn't. Even with straight fuel I'm not getting her to kick over.

What am I missing here? Thank you again!
I was told it wasn't running for a few years. I could hand turn it on the PTO in the front. When I took the top of the engine off I saw the two valves and they are opening and closing fine.

After fiddling with it yesterday I think it's a matter of timing. The choke to the throttle control. Is there a way you could take a photo and post it of your throttle control assembly on the right side of the motor for me? The Governor lever too? I'd like to make sure that's all assembled correctly before moving on.

Thank you!
Thanks for the posts and fresh ideas. I've noticed the magneto getting quite warm after several attempts to start her up. I have an electric starter button I push in. I don't hear a clack sound or any sound for that matter coming from the magneto. I have a brand new spark plug in there and I'm getting a good spark coming from it.

I'll take the top off the engine and check the valves.
This might be a silly question and I'm sorry for asking but how does one check the compression? What do you mean by TDC? Where is that located? I get the feeling that the timing might be off. Engine sounds like it wants to kick over, but it's just not. Thank you.
It has compression. It made perfect sense (what you wrote) once I tried it. Turning the engine over by hand I was able to see a spark. The brass piece was slightly exposed when I went to go move it, so I got a nice little zap this morning.

The clack you both keep referring to...would that be coming from the breaker point adjustment box? I see the "push pin". It moves freely however when the motor is turned over, it barely moves. I checked the voltage and it's getting plenty of electricity. Thoughts?
The brass piece was from the plug that plugs into the spark plug. Photos here:

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Auto part
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The bottom two photos are my breaker push pin assembly. I saw this photo:

And as you can see where the breaker points are there is a gap, well there is no gap with mine. I wonder if that closed connection would be causing the problem. I also don't have a spring around the pin that should be there. Is this even the right pin?
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When you say points you mean what? One is positive, one negative/ground.

When I took the breaker off, I saw two small holes behind it. I can see what I assume to be the exhaust valve and other valve rods going up and down when I hand turned the motor.

I found a similar manual online.

I hope I'm understanding this correctly.

**Edit: When I turn the motor by hand, the pin moves very little, not enough to open the breaker points. They are always together. Even at TDC that pin doesn't move much.
And still nothing. Got it set correctly, watched the gap open and close and nothing. I'm not willing to give up, but I'm at a total loss right now.
Couple of questions.

1. This doesn't have a key. I keep reading about a key type ignition and this has no key. Would not having a key or ignition switch prevent this from starting?

2. Can someone post some photos of the area I am working on so I have a reference? I think I have the timing right, still no luck starting it. Some photos would be great! I want to be sure everything's there. Thank you!
And is there a way I can get a distributor for this? I saw this,

And would much rather have that over the current setup.
Well I need a new coil now, found a large crack under it. Would I have any luck on here finding one? It's a Delco Remy.

The positive wire goes from the battery, to the starter button, goes over to the volt meter, over to the coil. It all connects and gets voltage.

I'm hoping someone will be nice enough to take some photos for me. I searched all over the internet and can't find a darn thing.
So I'm going to need a starter switch too?
HD, so you think this motor once had a mag rather than a coil? At some point the coil was added?


I found this motor locally and was wondering if it would work for my tractor. Or just for parts. Seller doesn't know what model it is but it comes with a Magneto. They wrote me this

Old wisconsin single cylinder engine with gear reduction.Engine has been sitting,still turns over.
Thoughts? It's for $25 and an hour drive.
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Well sadly the engine has sold. I'll continue to be on the lookout for these motors on CL and ebay. H-D I don't know the part number for that coil, I'll continue to look for it and photos since no one had posted on here.
And bringing this back from the dead. Brought the tractor out due to good weather :)

Still won't start. The Delco-Remy coil was or had cracked over the winter and is no longer good. In the time since my last update with this, I acquired a TR10-D Wisconsin motor. I noticed with that, that the spark plugs spark comes from inside the motor, I haven't torn into the motor yet to find out where or if it will work on this S-7D motor.

The coil I found out is or was this model:

I currently have another coil for this motor, but I am not producing any spark. I am showing current of 12v to the spark plug but when I turn it on, I get no spark. My ground is good and it looks to be hooked up correctly. What are your thoughts as I'm scratching my head with this one. Thank you!
I have 3 coils that came from working tractors, none are producing a spark. I checked my wiring and voltage and it all drops off when I press the button and the motor turns over.

Does anyone have a photo or wiring diagram for the coil so I can double check my wiring?
Here's the wiring photos from today:

I tried what you said and following the wiring diagram, how can I connect to the condenser then ground? I still got no spark today :( What am I doing wrong?
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That red alligator clip is going to the toggle switch pos to the coil pos. The black is going to the bottom where it was when the last coil was on as you can see. Am I not grounding something?
I have a kill switch and the wiring has been checked, 12V checked and dead when the switch is flipped. So I know that's working.
In the breaker box in the last photo above you can see the blk alligator clip. That's going to my neg side of the coil. I've noticed when doing this, I'm getting 12V consistently.

Now if I add a 2nd alligator clip on the same screw as the black on and ground it, I drop down to 1 or 2 volts.

The condenser is getting 12vs, the coil wire that goes from the coil to my spark plug is getting 12V consistently.

I press the start button with the switch being on and voltage drops and still no spark.

I followed that wiring diagram above, and breaker points are correct and grounded inside itself from the screw. That diagram says I should ground the condenser, to where? I've tried the neg on the coil and that doesn't work.

As you can tell, I'm at a loss with this thing. :(

Not giving up, but frustrated to say the least. What are your thoughts?
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