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Wisconsin S-7D Motor refusing to start

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I'm still scratching my head with this one. From my bush hog D4-7. Finally got it to turn over and now it's not starting. Fresh battery, new spark plug, fuel, carb cleaner, engine starting spray, nothing. It just keeps turnin and turnin.

From all of that (not being a master of engines by any means), I would assume it's not getting a spark, no spark not from lack of fuel. So the distributor maybe? No power to that?

What do you guys think? Thank you all for your time.
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It appears that your engine has battery-coil ignition. You can easily test this with a 12V test light. Connect the light between ground (engine block or battery "-", and the terminal on the points box. With the points open and the ignition on, the light should be lit. When the engine is rotated so the points are closed, the light should go out. If it does not, the points are not conducting power and need to be cleaned.

Once you establish that the points are conducting power, you can now manually open them with your finger, and you should have a spark at the plug. If not, the problem is somewhere else, as in the coil, wire, or spark plug itself. If you can hear a spark but not see one, the coil could be at fault. Be sure to turn the ignition off when your finished playing, or the coil will overheat.
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AFAIK, that was never used on an "S" series Wisconsin. There is no provision to drive it. The setup you have is all you need, you just have to finish troubleshooting it.

Not having an ignition switch will keep it from starting, unless you have another way to get 12V to the "+" terminal on the coil.
1 - 2 of 57 Posts
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