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Wisconsin Diesel ?

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A friend of mine has a 1971 army generator with a 2cyl diesel. On the metal tag it has DE. do you think this may be a Ducattie diesel ? like in the older Bolens. I'll see if I can get a picture from him. Hes asking 225.00
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Anyone familiar with this genny , was wondering if a Duccattie air cooled. Tony sent me these pics.


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Runs on gas, we thought it was deisel. Engine plate says Wisconsin, will try to get engine plate pics. engine numbers st- fsm2805-0724871, sn-n-067718 ,mm 2a016III , manual tm5-2805-208 manufacture date 12-68 da-23-195-amc-00808(t) displacement 2cyl .
Thanks for the web site. So this one is only 3hp , I would have thought is was more than that. I guess for $250 3hp is about par.
I'm not sure about makeing them more Hp. the stroke is short 6-1 compression , but the swing on the crank is long duration for torq . It would be intresting to get more out of it.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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