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I salvaged a zero turn from my neigher with thoughts of using the engine. I've parted out most of the zero turn and kept the Kohler Courage 20HP engine and the complete wiring harness with all the switches and controls.

My goal is to mount the engine on a towable rough cut/brush hog mower, basically building a Swisher or DR Power Equip type mower for the areas of my land where a finish mower would not survive. These are $3000+ mowers if you buy one new; my hope is to find one with a blown engine or start building one from parts. My tractor does not have a rear PTO, thus the reason for me going this route.

My vision was to use the existing wiring harness (with key start and PTO plunger), but as I'm separating out wires, where they go, and things that can be removed, I'm wondering if I would be better off starting from scratch and sell the complete wire harness? From a remote control box, I want to be able to control:

  • choking
  • starting
  • throttle
  • engaging PTO
I'm not interested in turning on lights with the existing ignition switch, and reusing the pressure safety switch for the seat someone is pointless - the tractor itself has zero safety switches.

For those of you who have reused an engine like this in a much simpler configuration, did you preserve/use the existing wire harness, or was it easier/better to start over with universal parts for the ignition, PTO, etc.?

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