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Wiring question Bolens G-14

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Hay guys and gals, I have a question that I don't know the answer too. I am trying to get a tube frame G-14 running. It was a basket case however had good compression and spark when I first checked it out to determine if I was going to use for parts or ???
Anyway, lss, it was missing the ignition switch and there were multi splices and cut wires. Thanks to our great tech support staff, I believe I finally have the mess somewhat organized, or at least understandable.
My question is this...I used a 5pole, 2 position switch from Intak that had been on an earlier model (before 300xxx). It had the following designations: M, S, L, G & B. I have connected the wire from the fused circuit running from center post on starter solinoid (with safety switches) to the "S". I grounded "G", and connected "B" to bat. Side of starter solinoid via amp meter. Now here is my question.
There are two wires (yellow and black). The black one comes from the connector on the. Front of the engine and the yellow one comes from voltage regulator/rectifier. I have the yellow wire going to the "L" pole and was going to connect the black wire to the "M" pole. This engine is solid state ignition and must assume the black wire goes to the Magnito, if I am understanding this correctly.
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The only thing I do know is never get 12 volts going to that SS unit, my two cents.
The only thing I do know is never get 12 volts going to that SS unit, my two cents.
Thanks for the heads' up. Do you know what the black wire goes too and is it connected where it should be? The 5 pole / 2 position ignition is not original but shows the locations for the connectors. I do not know what the black wire coming from the front of the engine connects too. The two yellow ones went to the voltage rectifier.


The black wire makes "ground" via the ignition switch to effictively ground the ssi to make it turn off.Make sure the terminal you are attaching the black at the switch to makes path to ground[switch body] when in off position not a powered terminal elsewhere on the switch or as mentioned above they do not like 12 volts put to them.I recently fabbed a wiring harness for one of my g-14's.Previously the black wire was not hooked up at all and the tractor would not turn off unless I momentarilly grounded the black to the shroud.Hope this helps Later Steve!!
Thanks so much. Steviep. I ohm' the switch (pole M) it is grounded when key is off and live when key is in position 1 (run) and start position.
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