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Wiring problem

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Hello. I need some info. I just purchased a 2nd hand 1997 New Holland 1925. It did not have a starter. I ordered be and Installed it.
The previous owner had disconnected the main harness wires HW11b and the Hw14 on the right beside the fusebox on the firewall and under the 2 relays, and installed a push button toggle switch that doesn’t work. My question is, Does anyone know where these originally go? I purchased and downloaded a service manual , but it doesn’t show these wires. I’m not great with wiring diagrams to well. Any pis (s) would be greatly appreciated.
Also, tge Hw11b wire had been cut and trimmed. The Hw14 wire has a male plug on it. I’d like to fix this Ike it’s supposed to be. I don’t like nor care forjury rigging. Also, Im sure I will have some issues with the safety switches and relays that’s simple, but these 2 wires are most important. I’ve got a pic but I’m using an iPhone and can’t drag and drop.
Thank you,
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Typo fix. The 2 wires are tge HM11b and HM14.
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