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Wiring a B&S Intek Into Mower That Had A Kohler Command

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I have a Scag Zero Turn with a blown engine. The left (lower) cylinder and leaking too much by the rings. Anyway, I have a B&S Intek Twin that I want to put in its place and am struggling a little bit figuring out the wiring. The Kohler has Smark Spark so the wiring is a little bit screwy. First the Intek has the following wires, and what I think they do:

On the Intek harness
1 Gray - carb solenoid
2 Black - magneto (kill?)
3 Red - Alternator (charge?)
4 Orange - (accessory - jumped to Red on the harness)
5 Separate start Solenoid

On the Scag / Kohler harness
1. Green to Blue - Start
2. Yellow to Purple - Accessory?
3. Red to Red - Charge?
4. Black to White - Is this Kill?

So what I am thinking is to connect the following Intek to Scag / Kohler:
1 to 2 allowing the accessory wire to energize the carb solonoid
2 to 4 to ground the magneto

3 to 3 to provide power to the keyswitch and charge the battery
4 don't need it since the mower doesn't have headlights
5 to 1 which will energize the solenoid for starting

Has anyone else done this? I am most questionable about connections 1 and 2 above.

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