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I know there are several snow threads going on. Just curious to see predictions vs reality and location. Post details.

Central Ohio in Lancaster, Ohio. Predicted 3" to 5." Reality of 3" with light to zero rain most of Saturday ahead of the Saturday overnight snow.
Curious as I saw 13" with the Weather Channel guy, Jim Cantore with their Sunday 8 am broadcast Woodstock, Vermont. That was actually his hometown.



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Well if you count for the forecasts moving all over the boards for the days leading up we were in the 14 - 18 inch range for a while, the 8 - 12 inch range for a while and then it settled on the 10 - 14" range and I would say we had between 10 - 12 inches. The wind really whipped it around so I'm guessing, it could have been as low as 8 inches but to me it seemed more than an 8 inch snow. It must have really put snow down late Saturday to early Sunday morning as we only had about 4 inches when I went to be Saturday night.
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