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Winter Plowing (In The Garden!)

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This has been an odd winter for weather. Unlike everyone here who's been prepared and ready with their blades and blowers on, I didn't even suit up for winter this year in hopes that old man winter might try and sneak up on me with a storm! Well, it hasn't happened so far... Anyway, earlier this week on February 28th, I observed the neighboring farmers working their fields - pulling rippers, laying down lime (maybe?). So I got to looking at my gardens and walking around... the soil conditions were pretty decent for plowing! In the fall I had dumped my leaves and other yard waste in the garden and decided that I was going to take this opportunity to turn it over, get some air in there, and maybe come spring, I won't have to wait forever for it to dry out so I can till it.

I've really been itching to use my new Heavy Hitch and newly designed Sleeve Hitch Adapter too!! What a perfect opportunity! I'll spare you the long winded story and get to some pictures! My little helper was out there with me too and he really enjoyed watching that dirt turn over.

I would have posted this sooner, but haven't felt like resizing my pictures. I still don't really feel like it, so I apologize, but I figured I better go ahead and share them before I put it off too long.

I must say that this has been my best plowing experience yet with this plow and tractor. I attribute that to the Heavy Hitch, Sleeve Adapter, and Suitcase Weights. I feel like in the past, I have always struggled to plow deep, keep the plow straight, and feel happy about the plow geometry. None of those are an issue for me any more! The Heavy Hitch is GREAT (!!!) and Greg really improved the Sleeve Hitch Adapter 110% in his last revision. I am totally happy with this plowing combo now! I just wish someone could organize a GT plow day near me! I always run out of area to plow before I feel done! lol The ground was slightly wetter than perfect, but after most rows there was no dirt sticking to the plow. After turning it over the sun started drying it out real nice and it was just crumbling apart. The timing was perfect because the following day we had lots of rain again. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics!

I wanted to plow this winter... I just didn't know it'd be this kind! :trink40:
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Sweet. Love the pics.
Thanks!! I'm always impressed with this thing... especially with how well it did even with having turf tires on the front. In some wet spots, the turfs didn't grip so well (no surprise), but it still muscled through it with no hesitation. In this situation, I would have really liked to see how some TruPowers would have performed. I'm sure they would have kept themselves cleaned out and kept digging regardless. :)
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The pictures with the plow attached are really something to see! If they had plow days here I would get one just to participate. Your helper looks like he will fit right in. Nice looking tractor.

That plow is probably one of my least used attachments, so I always enjoy having it on the tractor and just looking at it. It looks really nice after getting shined up from pulling it through the ground. I went to park the whole setup in my garage after I was done and didn't really realize how long it was until I got it in there. From the front of the bucket to the rear of the plow, it was about 15 feet long! :swow:
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Nice pics. However,the coulter seems to be a little deep. The bearing shouldn't be in the dirt. The coulter is there to cut sod(think of a pizza cutter). Judging from your ground,you shouldn't need it any way.Non the less,great pics.,the "helper" seemed to be enjoying hims self as well.
Thats not fair!! We get 8 inches of snow and he gets to plow his garden!!! Great job, looks really nice. I can't wait to get out and start plowing my gardens up.
Nice !!!!! Great pics !!!!!!
Great pics!!
Thanks for sharing and I always enjoy seeing your X585. slkpk
Thanks for the pictures! My father in law has a similar plow that he hasn't used in twenty years, he will give it to me if I can use it. I guess I need to get the adapter for my Heavy Hitch. I might have to make my garden bigger just so it will be worth plowing, only 20x25.
Ok, where is that like button. It has to be here somewhere! Oh, this must be it: :fing32:

Yep the Super HH is a mega multi-task attachment. Plowing looks good. Thanks for the pics.
That is a sweet set up you have there. Have to love a winter like this.
Great pics and it looks like its adjusted well. Except for the coutler like someone said. Now clean it up some and wipe some grease on the front so it wont rust so bad then it will be ready to go the next time........ Again great pics. KJD
Thankyou, for the pictures Hans-X585!! Looks like you got some good seat time on your X585:fing32:
Thats not fair!! We get 8 inches of snow and he gets to plow his garden!!! Great job, looks really nice. I can't wait to get out and start plowing my gardens up.
That's the way the winter has been here in Ohio... I'm going to be doing the wife's garden here soon, maybe next week. Now to convince her that it's a good time to get a new tiller.

Awesome tractor and great pics!! That combination looks like it works really well.
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Looks like you got the plow dialed in pretty good. Nice pic's! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for all the feedback guys! I didn't even notice how deep that coulter was going til you guys pointed that out. I'll have to take a look at that. How deep should it go? Up to the bearing (but not over it?) I was watching some videos of people plowing and it seems that some might only go in the ground a few inches. My ground doesn't really seem to "need" it... in fact, I have a neighbor who recommended just taking it off because that's what he did on his. I don't want to take it off, but I would like to adjust it properly. I think I might be able to adjust things to where this plow goes a little deeper as well. I need to find some more gardens to plow! Of course now, I'll have to a wait a bit as ground conditions aren't right anymore.

I really need to get a tripod or rig something up to hold the camera so I can do some videos.
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In this pic it looks like your adjustment rod is curved? By the way nice pics.. Looks like you had fun working the tractor!!:thThumbsU


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Good eye, 396! It is. I bent it a few years back. I was tilling my garden pretty deep and hit a big rock underground. The tiller bucked up real hard and bent the top link. Needless to say, it no longer adjusts like it should.
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