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Will this plow fit a SS?

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Looks like a Simplicity blade and mount to me. Even has the the lift rod for it. Looks like it is in good shape also. $ 40.00? if it were closse to me it would be in my truck!!! Roger.
The hitch is for simplicity's own quick attachment setup for 90's and newer basic line tractors. If, by SS you mean sunstar, I do not believe it will fit but we need someone with more knowledge here. Hitch alone is worth the $40, though.
It's not a Sunstar plow not built heavy enough
Okay thanks, I will pass on it
Another one just popped up. How about this one?

What am I looking for when it comes to plows for the SS? Can someone post a good pic of the mount and the blade?

Finding a SS plow is the proverbial "needle in a haystack"!
A Sunstar plow will brong up to $500 and the hydro one will bring more than that watch Ebay thats where I bought mine and had to go to Imdy to get it I paid paid over $400 and had over $100 in gas going after it .
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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