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will this plow fit 23 inch tire?

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i have a question about this plow, will it even fit my tractor? i have the 23 in wheels. its the DGS6500. i dont see anything online about it fitting or in the manual.
thanks for any help you guys have.
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Welcome to the forum.

According to the item description on the Sears website, yes it fits all Sears tractors.

Having a DGS you could run the beefier dozer blade if you were so inclined.
i found this deal on this dozer blade, weights, and chains. the model of the blade is 486.244120. the model of my tractor is 917.287500. kinda of having a hard time finding out it this blade will fit. can someone help me please?thanks
There is no Blade in the Sears data base for the number you provided. Are you sure it is correct? I have the dozer model 486.24414 and it fits the DGS6500.

How old is the blade. If it is just a couple of years old it will fit. I am 100% sure that all of the GT's since 2006 have used the same blade. I think 2005 prior had a different frame.

Hope this helps some
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The 24428 blade you first mentioned is a universal mount blade. Since the price is nearly the cost of the dozer blade, you would be better off with that setup.

According to the 2007 Sears fitup guide listed in a sticky at the top of the forum, the 24414 snow/dozer blade is the correct blade for your given model number. The 24412 that you found will not fit on your tractor. Here is the difference:

The old 24412 blade has a simpler mount and raises and lowers using the deck lift lever. The dozer lifting height and lowering depth is controlled by the deck adjustment knob. Also means that the mowing deck must be off to use this dozer blade. There is just 1 arm on the right for pivoting the blade. Since this blade design requires use of the deck lift mechanism, it can be used ONLY on these older models with the deck lifting arm on the front right side. (The newer tractors have a lifting lever on the left fender.)

The newer 24414 uses a more complex mounting. It does NOT require removing the deck although I wouldn't want it on anyway. It has 2 arms- 1 for pivoting as before and also a new one for raising and lowering. This design could probably be used on any year garden tractor since it is independent of the type of deck lift mechanism.

The blade itself, the pivot, the reversible scraper bar and the skid shoes are the same design on both.

Interesting note: The Sears website for the 24414 is actually still showing the older 24412 blade!

You will still need weights and chains (which are the same as for the 24412 setup)

Hope this helps!
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It does help, alot. Thanks guys. I appreciate it.
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