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Will this B series blower fit a C series or 416-H?

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:dunno:There is a guy selling a 06-37SX01 snowblower for "B" series tractors. Will this be a direct bolt up for a C series also or are they two different animals? They look almost identical and I find the number for the B series, but nothing stating it will fit the other series.

I know they have updates and revisions to attachments, but am lost when comparrisons to a B since I have never had one.

This is in much better shape than the one I have now on my 416-H and if I can use it on either my C-101 or 416, that would be great.

Any info appreciated.
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This snowthrower fits the B-Series and some 200-Series that use an engine with a vertical crankshaft. I didn't look at the ipl's but they usually drive to the center of the snowthrower from under the chassis and the C-Series has the drive on the right. Some parts are usually the same like the auger and chute so if the price was right it may be worth it. You would have to compare the parts lists.

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