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Will the footrest on an X4X5 or X7XX come off without seatpan removal?

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I need to remove the footrest to get at the mower deck height adjustment to free it up. I looked at the pictures of the footrest and seatpan on the Deere Parts site, and the manual I have. They don't give any ideas on whether it's possible to remove the footrest without the seat pan.

I see some tabs shown on the footrest that appear to fit under the lip of the seat pan.

Anyone know if it's possible to remove the footrest without removing the seat pan? The seat pan looks fairly easy to remove, but if I don't have to, I won't.

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Thx. Just finished freeing up the adjuster.

The seat pan has to at least come loose to get the footrest out. The footrest needs just a little too much room to maneuver it off of the frame. Removing the seat pan provides that room.

After the bolts are removed that attach the footrest to the frame and sweatpants, it's only another 3 bolts to remove the seat pan. Two at the back of the seat sliders and one that holds the fuel tank support to the fuel tank on the left grab handle.

If you are just loose ending the seat pan you may not have to unplug the seat and light connector, but I did.

The only drama to the job was the one speednut whose flange broke. Oh, and make it easier for yourself and jack up the rear end, properly support, and remove the rear wheels. It makes getting the bolts from the foot pan to the seat pan a lot easier to remove.
To bring closure to this. I did adjust the pedals. The forward was fine. The reverse needed more height. IIRC, the forward is 4" clearance to the footrest from the bottom of the pedal, and the reverse is 2.25" Just loosened the two bolts, made them just snug, adjusted the pedal, then tightened. Done!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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