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Will not start?

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I was mowing lawn last night and I had to stop for a while, came back and it will not start. When I went to start it earlier I turned the key and the stater did not turn for a second or 2 then it turned over and started, now nothing, battery has full charge but starter does not turn. The seat safety switch has been bipassed (not by me, original owner did it) I checked it out and that does not seem to be the problem. Any suggestions? Would the starter going out cause that? The engine is a liquid cooled Kawasaki 17 hp. Model LX188.

P.S. Love this forum so many helpful, knowledgeable and friendly people. Thanks to all those that have put this forum together. I have been reading this forum non stop since I discovered it.
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it could be any number of the safeties from the seat(even though it is bypassed) to brake to PTO.

put it in Nuetral and/or set the parking brake if it is a hydro. take a jumper cable and go from teh + post of teh battery directly to the starter side of teh solenoid. if the starter turns it is fine. now touch teh cable to the solenoid where the small wire attaches, again if the starter turns over the starter and solenoid are fine. from this point you need to find out where the break is that is stopping the switch from activating the solenoid. as i said, it could be any of the safeties or even possibly teh switch itself or a blown fuse or a loose/bad connection.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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