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up for sale on ebay - figured i'd give the crew here first shot. Not looking to make money on it, but it is in nearly new condition (clutch and all surfaces). I'm offering here for what i'm into it for - $175 and that's shipped US Postal Priority or UPS Ground (UPS insurance is a lot better and quicker to resolve).

i'll post a link to some shots a little later but just the pulley assy is $180 from honda. The little pockets where the triangular plate with the 1/2" dia balls pop into, show little wear, and the balls show no scarring, no anything. I saw a pix of the lawn tractor this came off of and it looked nearly new.

in the interest of disclosure, the seller had advised me the bearing in the pulley, on the front side, had popped it's plastic shield or seal, and he simply forced some grease back in and popped it back in place. If it was me, for the warm and fuzzies, if i were to install this on my tractor, i'd drill the rivets out and replace the bearing. Awhile back there was a good thread showing a number of approaches to do exactly that - it's not as hard as you'd think and a lot cheaper - good US or *** bearings are in the $11-13 range and honda used off the shelf standard size bearings.

I'm only selling cause i was going to use it on my 3813 (the 4514 is a more substantial design, imho, but after i'd bought it, while organizing my honda parts in different drawers, shelves etc, i found a brand new clutch disk and brake plate for my PTO - forgot i'd ordered it years ago when someone alerted us here that had told em honda was discontinuing the PTO parts.

oh, and when i say complete, it's lacking the return spring (about $7) and a spacer collar (about $12 iirc)

email if you've got any interest larryccf(SPACE) remove the (SPACE)
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