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Will a 43" deck from a 116 fit a 214?

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Looking at a 116. Will the 43" deck fit my 214?
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Not without serious modifications. (torch, welding, Act of Congress)

It should be a 46" deck? The 116 had the same deck options as the 160-185 mowers.

The mounting points would be narrower than the 200 series decks, and the front draft plate hookup would most likely be smaller.
Thanks, the CL add says 43", but it's probably wrong. Perusing the JD compatibility guides was confusing, but that's probably because they are incompatible.
After much research, I have discovered that the JD compatibility guides and I are not compatible. :banghead3:banghead3:banghead3:banghead3
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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