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Will a 318 left side cover fit on a 332/330?

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Will a 318 left side cover fit on a 332/330? I know the 318 has the vent holes in it but will it actually fit? There seems to be a few covers with heavy duty air filters floating around and my brother is interested in one but doesn't want to put holes in the 330 cover since they are harder to find. Also does anyone know anything about the heavy duty air filters on that I have seen a couple of. They mount on the outside of the side cover and have an air stack drawing the air into the filter before being routed into the engine area.
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Won't fit a 332,the back side on a 332 is different up and down by 1 inch, the 318 is 1 inch wider.The shape is the same,I had a set of 332 on a 316 but had to put a spacer on the top bolt where it attaches to the side cover,the pedistal on the 332 is wider,Dont know about a 330.
I have seen some 318 covers modified to fit a 322...haven't seen it the other way around though.
I wouldn't modify those 332 covers....I am looking a set myself if you want to sell them, just PM me an let me know.
I know the 332/330 covers are hard to come by and that is why I was asking if a 318 would work. Thanks for the info. Someday I might own a 318 as well but I love the diesel's too much to want to mess with an air cooled engine - even a liquid cooled gas. But since no one I know owns the 318 we couldn't test. Brother owns the 330, I the 332 and my father has a 430 in his collection of L&G tractors (the rest are 112's, 110's, 120's, 140's, 70 and a couple other sizes and custom builds) and the front decked 60" mower for my mother.
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The physical size will work but the screen vent is different,you can take a 318 side cover and cut the rear side down and make it fit but I don't know about drawing air from the rear since the 332 draws from the front.
The 332 actually draws the air from the steering tower and belly pan area with the side panels being solid and pushes the air over the engine out the front. That is the reason for all the extra foam on the belly pan and fender deck areas to seal things up and filter them more so it doesn't plug the radiator. At least that is what I am learning reading the 332 restore thread. This is all good information though on making this work possibly.
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Take a 318 cover and convert it to match a 332.

Little cutting, welding and filler is all you need.
You are correct,I put a set of 332 on my 316 but have since sold it,forgot the 332 has no vents in it bit there was a 1.5 inch gap in the back by the tower,I had to put a bushing on the top mount to take up the gap.
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