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Will 6216 attachements fit a 7116?

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I have a Simplicity 7116 but no attachments.
I found a guy selling a 6216 with a bunch of attachments.
Snowblower, plow, tiller and mower deck.

I was thinking of picking it up and using the 6216 to mow the lawn and putting agg tires on the 7116 and using it to till, plow snow-blow, etc...

will I have a lot of trouble getting these attachments to fit? I've got metal-working skills... welder, torch, etc... I just don't want to find out something like the pully is on the entirely wrong side or something.

Any tips?

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7116 horizontal engine? 6216 is vertical shaft for sure. I think you would need major fabbing to make them fit.
7116 horizontal engine? 6216 is vertical shaft for sure. I think you would need major fabbing to make them fit.

The 7116 driveshaft goes from front to back. There's even a drive shaft on the front that you could hook up to stuff. I dont think they ever made anything for it though

Well crap. Guess I'm waiting even longer. I can never find a mower deck for this thing!
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the 7116 is a great tractor, all kinds of attachments. The 6216 is a lighter duty tractor with all kinds of attachments. They are two completely different systems. The correct attachments are cheap enough that there is no need to modify one to the other.
The tiller will not be a direct fit and would not be practical to adapt. The snowplows and snowblades were the same except each series of tractor has their own model of hitch. You can use them if you can locate the correct hitch for the 3400/7000 Series tractors. The dozer blade hitch is close enough that it should work just by leaving out one of the extra mounting brackets suppied on the 6000 series. The blower will require the addition of a front mechanical clutch for the 7016. These are expensive and hard to find. Some people run them off the mid-PTO but this will require some mods.
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The height adjusters will hit the running boards as they are closer together on a B-Series.
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