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wierd problom with my ltx 1k

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okay so i mowed with it all day yesterday worked great i went out few min ago to crank it up and drive out of the garage i added some oil and fuel hopped on set the brake and turned the key nothing didnt do a single thing got off looked around checked the safty seat switch all good but still nothing i changed the starter fuse to still nothing im confused its never done this before ever the mower is disengauged as well i need some quick help on this the lights wont even work i have a charged battery and my spark plug is connected i dont get it how can you go from mowing great to doing nothing help!
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okay so far i checked all the safty measures all good btill nothing tho im unsure how i can go from mowing to nothingness im not sure were SOME of this stuff is on the machine

Check all wire connections. Clean battery cables. You charged battery bu did hou put a tester on it to see if it has a charge. Solonid bad, break in wire or bad Key switch. Not all hard to find if you have a volt meter. Test things fromt the battery out. Check the switch for continuity. Check for continuity on every wire. Sometimes a wire falls off. Sometimes the connectors get a little loose. Jiggle, jiggle the wires and tripple check them.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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