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wierd problom with my ltx 1k

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okay so i mowed with it all day yesterday worked great i went out few min ago to crank it up and drive out of the garage i added some oil and fuel hopped on set the brake and turned the key nothing didnt do a single thing got off looked around checked the safty seat switch all good but still nothing i changed the starter fuse to still nothing im confused its never done this before ever the mower is disengauged as well i need some quick help on this the lights wont even work i have a charged battery and my spark plug is connected i dont get it how can you go from mowing great to doing nothing help!
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Hi, Nick. Sent you a PM (or a couple).
The lights are probably not run off the battery circuit, but fed off an internal to the engine alternator, ac voltage. So, the battery has no effect on them.
No solenoid click could be several things: bad ground connection from battery negative terminal to mower chassis, bad battery connections on battery posts (either pos or neg), or bad positive connection and ground at the solenoid.
You said you replaced the fuse.
If the seat, clutch, or attachment interlock switches aren't making up properly, you won't apply power to the solenoid.
Check all connections for cleanliness and tightness.
Once you get a click, the starter should work. If it doesn't, either the starter is no good, bad starter connections, of the switch within the solenoid isn't working properly.
Let's get that 'click' back, to start.
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What one 'thing' was turned on, then off, then on, and wouldn't work? Could the plug that goes onto the bottom of the ignition switch have fallen off? Reach up under the fender and give it a shake, or as 'sailingamerican' says, jiggle, jiggle, and jiggle some more. .
Found an istruction book that should be close to your machine, referenced from another posting. In the site, choose the parts direct icon, then enter model number 917.270743. Then find the instruction book tab, go to page 31, electrical schematic, and follow thru the starting circuit using a volt-ohm meter.
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