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Why doesnt anyone make a quality fertilizer but Scott's?:(

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Im tired of spending so much money on Scott's products. Does anyone know of another brand that does a good job? Scott's prices just go up and up every year. It does work well, but Im ready to try a cheaper alternative for this year. Any suggestions?
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Try some Milorganite, made from biosolids. I used it at my last house, never used anything else and had good results. Once every 3 years I put it down, lime every 5 years or so. Admittingly had dandelions and clover but had the greenest lawn in July and August without ever watering.

I don't want rant but Scotts and other fertilizer companies harm the local environment at least when it comes to lawn care. All those chemicals end up in the lakes and around here Long Island Sound. Algae loves this stuff.

A little research and you can go organic very easy and very cheap. May take a few years to build up the soil but doable.

I know in some neighborhoods your neighbors would look down on you if you had a blade of grass out of place.

How much do people spend on a acre of lawn to fertilize, couple of hundred I bet with the four step system.
Interesting. There is a local store that does carry the Milorganite. Ill look into it. I have tooled around different stores, have tried different things in the past. I know scott's stuff is good, Im not knocking it. The difference in scotts that is most noticable to me is the small, and tacky granules. Not many others I have tried had that texture. I dont know if they have a patent on the stuff or what, but I cant find anything that resembles it. The price is just getting out of hand for me.

After looking at the Milorganite, it looks like you have to use a lot of it according to the application guide. One 36lb bag does 2500sqft. I have about 10,000 sqft. I dont know the price of this, but Id need 4 bags for one application. Not sure that is going to be cost effective when doing this 4 times a year (according to the application chart). Ill have to see if the local store carrys the 50lb bag, that would help. From the internet search, looks like the 50lb bag runs about $14 x 3 = $42. Not too bad.
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