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Why doesnt anyone make a quality fertilizer but Scott's?:(

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Im tired of spending so much money on Scott's products. Does anyone know of another brand that does a good job? Scott's prices just go up and up every year. It does work well, but Im ready to try a cheaper alternative for this year. Any suggestions?
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I have seen cheaper brands renently in smaller garden centers, Tractor Supply and some franchised Ace Hardware stores.

Many years ago I tried cheaper alternatives but they just didn't produce the same result as Scott's. I also like their no-quibble guarantee, and they have excellent customer service.
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Scott's claims they use no fillers (inert ingredients) in their fertilizer, and that other brands contain up to 40% fillers. I don't know if that's completely true but as I stated before, it just works better. :dunno:
Let me get this right, people spend thier hard earned money on seed, fertilizer, insecticide, weed killer and water to get this grass stuff to grow like crazy, then spend their limited time just to cut it down all summer ? :bonk:
I can't wrap the ol' brain around it :dunno:

Yeah, we will spend a lot of money just to get some extra seat time. :D
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I have not seen a higher nitrogen content than 33 in fertilyzer. Here is an article on eHow that lists the ingredients in Turf Builder. I don't know how to relate the numbers on the bag to actual content percentage.
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