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Why doesnt anyone make a quality fertilizer but Scott's?:(

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Im tired of spending so much money on Scott's products. Does anyone know of another brand that does a good job? Scott's prices just go up and up every year. It does work well, but Im ready to try a cheaper alternative for this year. Any suggestions?
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Scott's claims they use no fillers (inert ingredients) in their fertilizer, and that other brands contain up to 40% fillers. I don't know if that's completely true but as I stated before, it just works better. :dunno:
The NPK numbers are by weight so fillers or not it really doesn't matter. Scotts' 10-10-10 is still going to have the same "potency" as any other 10-10-10.
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On the subject of yard fertilizing, I've read and it makes sense, that fertilizing in the spring with a high nitrogen fertilizer is a waste of money. All it does is make the grass grow fast and create more mowing.
The reason for a spring feeding is to thicken up the turf before the weeds start sprouting. I'm sure you've noticed that weeds always fill up any bare spots in your yard, but more generally the best defense against weeds is a healthy turf.
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