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Who makes Poulan?

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In my Barn are twins. One's a Poulan the other is a Craftsman.
They look the same.
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There is a sticky In the forum with who Makes what
A little History
Have to start With Well I'll start with Roper
1964 Roper Started Producing Lawn and Garden tractor for Sears . Sears Owned over 50% of the stock In Roper In1982 Roper Bought Back all there stock In 1988 they sold the appliance wing of the Roper Company to GE and the Lawn and Garden Tractor or Outdoor Power was Sold to Electrolux. Electrolux Took a Big stake In the United states with the Purchase of White Consolidated Industries In the Late 70's White Consolidated Industries was spun off from White Motor Company (White Tractor) Well white tractor Tried to remerge with White Consolidated Industries In the early 70's The U.S. Govt. stepped in with anti-trust and It Hurt Both companies In the Long Run White Motor Went Under within a Few Years Though the U.S. Govt. Back tracked on the Anti Trust Trying to save White Motor well White Consolidated Industries Decided Not to Bite and white Motor Died a slow death after that. Well Electrolux was Looking for a Company to Get Into the U.S. Market a Dealer was done In 79 and they bought White Consolidated Industries. Electrolux Had Bought Husqvarna In the Late 70 They Had Bought Poulan In the early 80's Just prior to purchasing Roper and they Changed Ropers Name to American Yard Products AYP and at First Husqvarna Tractor were Not Made Under the AYP Label But Under the White Consolidated Industries In Itasca, IL Though the Factory was the same for Production in South Carolina as AYP Jump a Head to 2006 Electrolux Decided to spin off It's Outdoor Power equipment Under Husqvarna and Husqvarna Outdoor Power was Formed AYP still a Company Under the HOP Umbrella For Lack Of a Better term and That’s Where Today were some of the Craftsman Products are Made Down In SC Poulan, Poulan Pro, Husqvarna, Dixon Lawn & Garden tractors, Ariens Lawn & Garden tractors sold at Home Depot and Ariens Dealer for Ariens Yazoo Kees Is also Own By Husqvarna. Yazoo Kees Had Brought Power Kings assets In the early 2000's or Late 1990's Before they were Bought By Husqvarna In the Mid 2000's since 2006 Of the Brands I Mentioned are all Under the HOP Umbrella and there are even several More I didn’t Mention such as Weed eater & Rally. Rally Had Been The Lawn Tractors of the Roper Line and then Mostly In Europe You will also See the Jonsered Line as well is owned By HOP There are Just To Many Brands To List:thThumbsU
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Thank you Sergeant, your "who owns what" posts are always informative. Don't forget McCulloch!
I said There are to many Brand To keep Count of.:bonk: HOP & MTD are the Brand Name Kings Now and Briggs Is Coming in 3rd:thThumbsU
Are the Husq saws really under the same umbrella as the tractors? I thought they were different.
They are Part of the Husqvarna Line. Part of there Professional Line and They even Have them Under there Residential Line. It Just depends On there Use Because Husqvarna Produces $2,000 Zero Turns and They Produce $9,000 Zero Turns Or Even Higher Priced then That. They were and still are Know for a Good Chainsaw For Logging ect. :thThumbsU
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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