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Thought I would post this reply email I got back from John Deere for anyone who had any questions about who make JD oil and what it is suitable for use in. Note that John Deere oil it NOT API licensed because they refuse to pay for the priviledge. Can't say I blame them for that. They ARE "API Rated" This question arose over on the TDR website about who made their oil. Though perhaps you all may be interested in John Deere's reply.

Dear Mr. Frazier,

Thank you for your message. We submitted your question to our corporate office and they responded with the following:

John Deere Plus-50 engine oil is tested to and meets and exceeds all the API service classification requirements. We do not pay for the privilege of putting the donut on the container.
We also test to and meet or exceed most all engine manufactures heavy duty engine requirements including, Ford for the Power stroke diesel and for Mack EON Premium Plus performance. This can be viewed on the Mack web site.

Plus-50 is a unique formulation that is blended by several different locations. One of the primary blenders is Chevron and is the blender for your area. Plus-50 engine oil is unsurpassed in heavy duty engine applications. It excels in reducing engine deposits, engine wear, dispersing soot, and resisting oxidation (which gives you long oil life due to not thickening under high heat).


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Chief I linked to this post from the Whose Online page, all the while thinking that Chevron was involved somehow and that Chief would be a good one to answer, and I was all ready to reply. Then it brought me straight to the author, LOL.

Thanks for sharing that reply.
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