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who has an easy way to....

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keep the same desired height for mower. Let me explain, I remove the deck often and just to get the deck off I have to lower the deck to the ground (lower than I have it set to mow) then I have to re set the deck height when I go mow. My question is : is there a quick way to mark where I have the threaded rod that adjusts the deck height?
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You could put a small hose clamp on the threaded rod on the side you would like to the rod to stop,on the front side I think?Then you would only have to turn the rod until it contacts the clamp.
When you have to deck set at the proper height, lift it all the way up and turn the adjustment screw all the way in counting the number of turns.

Then when you install the deck, you can lift the deck all the way up, turn the screw all the way in and back it out the number of turns need for the correct height.

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You can also use white paint but counting is a good idea unles you are an Okie like me.
Counting isn't a problem, the problem is remembering "the number" between the time of removal and re-install !!
Write the "number" on the frame rail with a silver sharpie marker,,,only you and the mice will see it under the tractor.:thThumbsU
get a scale rule and measure the rod.

keep the scale on the tractor keychain. write the measurement with paint pen in the rump of the tractor seat.
On mine which I know is different than the 420, I set the deck wheels the same every time. Then use the hydraulics to get the 1/4" air gap between deck wheels and the level ground. Then I tighten the height adjustment knob. Lift and lower the deck. Usually needs a little adjustment. This should work for the 420 as well. One downfall of the 420 is no fender deck height knob
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I don't touch the deck adjustment at when I remove mine.. Remove the belt and insert a board or bar to lift the deck and remove the hangers from mine. Once the rear hangers are done, roll the deck forward and undo the fronts. Jack the rear of the tractor up and slide the deck out.. Sometimes I'll lift the side uop and block it up is I can't get things lined up.. But that's just me!! :goodl: :fing32:
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Put a piece of plywood under the deck when removing. Then you wont need to lower your adjuster.
Put a piece of plywood under the deck when removing. Then you wont need to lower your adjuster.
Good idea.

Walt Conner
Hello , add some wheels to the plywood too . Wasz
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