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Who got tractor stuff for christmas?

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My kids got me a HF sandblasting cabinet. Pretty cool, eh? I guess that tractor restoration hobby I've been wanting to start is getting some legs.

What y'all get??

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I got a 255 piece Craftsman Mechanics Tool Set :)
Nothing here but a few tools....................I wanted a set of AG's but I guess Santa thought I was naughty :)
Brush Guard for my x500.
Got a few tools, new pair of Mechanix Wear gloves, and my new Ag tires i ordered for the Massey should be in anytime. I no its not for a tractor but i also got a new Holley 670 carb for my truck:trink40:
The better half (really, she is) allowed a new 70,000 btu torpedo heater in my shed. Sure is nice to have a warm place to work.
I got a 200 piece Stanley set, A Gravely Super Convertable, and some other things.
Got a set of Craftsman tool chests top chest and bottom roller. Been wanting one forever, and don't know why I never got one before. It fits just about all my wrenching gear, and gets it of the bench. LOVE IT!
My relatives & My son would have gotten shot by my wife if they had Given Me anything tractor related this year So they Gave me Money instead So I may Not have gotten anything tractor related from them But who's to say I don't Buy something tractor related with the gift's I was given.:hide:
Well my wife bought me 10 bags of tostados chips, I guess I could spread them on the ground for traction for my GT! She also gave me the money to buy a portable garage for my GT.
I got a giftcard for a new mini fridge for the barn. Should slow projects down a little!!:trink40:
I scor4ed a 1967 Puch/Sears 250 a few months back. The original tank had some MINOR issues, but as a surprise, my wife found a newer tank, with fewer issues and then had a perfect paint job done as a Christmas surprise. She is really a keeper.
Quite a few tools, and a pair of deestone tri ribs for my SS12. Also got rims for them that I found, in good shape. Just need to make up some new spindles for them.
I didn't get anything for my tractors. But I did get some stuff for my other hobby... I got my range fee's paid for unlimited shooting this year! Plus a couple much needed magazines for an older rifle of mine. Very pleased with this Christmas, hope everyone had a Merry Christmas too!

And have a Happy New Year!
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My wife got me 2 42lb, suit case weights for the 318. Youngest son gave me a couple of woodworking clamps. and the oldest son gave both of us a gift certificate to a restaurant. Actually was a really good christmas for us.
A pony,BB gun,pair of skates,GI Joe----oh, I'm sorry, you said what did you get----sack of coal.:(
Great Christmas, were talking JD X300, snowplow and chains.From my wife.
A Mr Funnel, 2 days AFTER I filled the x530 up with 4 1/2 gallons! :banghead3

A nice little pressure washer. Didn't get the gift card for the nearby JD dealer, but still have to swap gifts with the in-laws so it's still possible. :thThumbsU
I got a sign for my shop door:

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