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whites version of the 990

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The engine looks like a 990 briggs single, but the front looks like what my 998 had on it (with a briggs twin)
I just passed on one just like that for $100 less than that sans engine.
That is a White GT1650 tractor. It's a 990. Mine is like that in a 1975 model.
I bought mine new in 1975 and still use it. I could use some parts off that one if he will part it out.
yep thats a WHITE 990.
I thought I read somewhere that MTD made a version og the 990 for white only it had a diferant front end sheet metal. I like the the standard grill better. But if I could find one of these cheap enough for parts I am sure a lot of things will swap.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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