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White Oliver 1370

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Hello all
Weekend "farmer" bush hogging new to diesels. Have 1974 White 1370 4 cyl diesel. bought 2010. Ran good little hard to start no smoke good power till 9/2016. Completed all day bush hogging no issues, then started puffing thick white smoke and slowly dies.(ilke starved for fuel) over next 12 months very hard to start, ran rough, developed top end knocking and blew thick white (not blue or black) heavy diesel odor. would run 10 minutes then slowly die like starved for fuel. Replaced all fuel lines, filters, removed cleaned tank. no heavy crud fuel cap vented, fuel runs well no restriction. Fuel return line clean. Replaced injector pump ( thought rubber/plastic piece disintegrated clogging return line) removed injectors had pop tested and spray pattern tested (said all good). Still hard to start, heavy knocking and thick white diesel exhaust. Loosened each injector white running, no big difference in performance ( Note..oil level stable, no bubbles in coolant... believe head gasket ok) Removed valve cover, very clean inside valves, springs, push rods "appear"good all function normal.
Believe me I've read a lot and numerous helpers input still not diesel expert but feel confident about what I've done...
NOW.. this weekend I advanced injector pump agout 1-2 degrees (nickle width) engine started easier, less white smoke but still present and still knocking. Advanced another 1-2 degrees not any better. removed injectors, lot of black carbon already built up (only run about 10-20 minutes after cleaning them) I feel it's a fuel issue as the exhaust has a heavy diesel odor burning eyes. I thought it was a diesel knock from injectors but had them tested OK at a shop that specializes in diesel injectors. I really need this to cut brush,work around farm cant afford another believe I'm close to fix just need some additional input I read that these are good reliable tractors Really like it and would love to keep it Any/all advice welcome Thanks to all who took time to read appreciate it.
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Welcome aboard. Come for the info and help, share your experiences. Stay for the camaraderie. The 1370 is the same as the Oliver 1365. I'll move your post to the Oliver forum in the Big Boys section. You should find help there. :MTF_wel2:
Greetings from Nebraska and Welcome to the Forum. Enjoy your time spent here.
Thank you
With all the negative around
it is really nice to get so much help and encouragement
these farm forums are a blessing
Hello all
Back at it
question...Ran tractor past weekend still white diesel smoke and knocking. After 1-2 minutes found #1 exhaust port cool white others hot. Switched injectors still #1 port cool. Do not have compression tester. All injectors checked at shop said " all good opening pressure and spray pattern) Does this indicate bad rings / piston in #1. No fuel / oil in coolant, no bubbles either. Oil level appears stable Found cheap compression tester at Harbor Freight Any experience ??? is it worth it or are my suspicions correct.

Thanks as always
It could be interesting to pull the exhaust manifold and see which cylinder the white smoke is coming from. I realize that may be easier said than done...

Otherwise, compression testing that cylinder against the others would tell you a story too.
have you cleaned the air filter?
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