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White GT255 (by MTD)

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I'm pretty sure that was the model number on the side of the hood. It's a 1996 model that has a 22 hp Briggs V-twin (with filter), Hydro, 50" deck. 48" 2 stage blower, weights, chains. The deck has'nt been mounted on it since 1999, as it was used solely for snow duty after that.The owner wants $1300 for it, but I offered $700 cash and I think they might bite on it. A well maintained machine for its age and has never been stored outside since new. You fellows think its a good deal? I value any and all opinions. Thanks.
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they are awesome, I gave 1200 for mine no snowblower. mine is only an 18 HP though. that should be a model GT2255 or GT 2055. actually I thought the vanguard version was a GT 2055 with a 20 HP engine. I thought the 22 was a Kohler on the latest ones
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