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White GT2055

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Hi all. I am currently in the market for a garden tractor I can use to pull trailers around the farm. I have looked at a few in my area but have been rather unimpressed so far. Today I found a White GT2055 (my research shows an MTD variant) that appears to be in good shape. I talked to the owner and was told no smoke, runs well, and transmission works as it should. They are willing to take 400 for the tractor and mowing deck.
What is the general consensus on these units? I find very little information about them. Do they have an mtd counsin that is the same? I want to make sure I can still find the right filters and parts.
Up until now I have owned almost exclusively CC units, primarily quietlines. The stats of this tractor (weight, length, width, HP, tire size) seem to dwarf the CC models I have always found to be so heavy duty.
At 400 bucks to use as a general tow rig what do you all think?
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same as an MTD992, nice big tractor, traction can get expensive with those 15" wheels, if it runs and drives its worth $400.
The 2055 is a good choice for utility work and for a garden. The twin cylinder engine is smooth running and sounds nice. Wheel weights and chains will likely be needed if you are pulling a large yard trailer.
$400 is a fair price if it runs. The transmission and rear gearbox/axle will hold up to anything. Getting traction is usually the issue. The steering system can be a weak point if it was not greased properly.
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Thank you all for the reply’s. My main concern would be the transmission but it seems like a great unit. I’ll post an update this weekend!
I would be on it in a Minnesota minute. Would be a great tractor.
Unfortunately, I missed the tractor by about an hour today. It sold to th guy right before me. Thank you all for the help!
You missed a good one.
I missed a match to my GT today also by an hour. Emailed 3 hours after it was posted, and it was sold a hour before my email.
Just got to keep looking.
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