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whitch car should i have ?

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i have got a 2.0 turbo corsa i spend nearly £3,000 on my corsa tunning it and modifieing the out sidde of the car

but i have seen this mitsubishi fto super chargered very cool car
mitsubishi fto link

picture of my 2.0 turbo corsa powerrrr ! my corsa blisted a subaru impreza wrx other day coming home from work that called corsa power LOL

what do you lot think i should do ?

thanks olie
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This one...:sidelaugh

Bugatti Veyron
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id love 2
I though you guys drove Rolls Royces or Bentleys or Mini Minors like Mr Bean
Stick with what you have. You'll never get back the money you've put into tuning it.
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