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Which to keep?

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Hey guys,

I am getting ready to pickup a Deere 165 hydro w\a 38" deck, snow blower, and hard cab (even has a wiper!) for a a very low dollar amount. I am currently trying to fund a car hauler, so my initial thought was to get it all cleaned up, tuned up (hasn't been used in 2 years, sits in a barn its whole life), and working well, and sell it locally when people started thinking about snow.

But now....I'm thinking.....ALWAYS a dangerous idea! :) I currently use a late 90's Sabre 1842HV for my lawn and snow duties. It has a manual blade. Occasionally will drag my boat trailer, or snowmobile trailer around to the backside of the yard too, but thats about the extent of its work. So should i Hold onto the 'real' deere and send the sabre down the road? I would probably still sell the cab. Snow in the face is part of winter for me! And, thats what my Stormy Kromer is for....keeping me

So obviously condition could have a big part of it, but all things being equal, which do you guys think that i should send packin??

Thanks! Look forward to picking your guys' brain for knowledge!! :)
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I'm rather new to JDs, but sounds like the 165 would be a keeper...
if the 165 runs well, then that's the one.

and you can EASILY sell the cab they are always in high demand.

but sice you have the cab you might want to try it for a season, maybe snow in the face is not as fun as you remember... :)

just one mans opinion! :trink40:
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The Sabre 1842HV is based on the GT275 series tractors it was advertised as a Yard tractor But it really a Garden tractor I would keep the Sabre and Get ride of the 165. Just so I'm clear your 1842HV has the lift handle on the left side not between your Legs under the seat correct?
I think you could sell the cab for the 165 pretty easy..................
You should send the 165 down the road... RIGHT to me! :)

Seriously, I'm not sure what sort of tranny the sabre has, if its a ground engaging it might be the one to keep, if you don't NEED a snowblower where you are... I tell ya, tho, the snow blower is NICE to have...

'Course, now I'M thinking.... Wonder what shipping to Canada on a hard cab for a 165 would cost? :)

Regardless of what you decide, post pics of the 165, I've never seen a cab for one before and I'd be curious!
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Yep, you are correct, the lift handle is on the left. Based on the GT275, eh? I did not know that! That's pretty cool. Makes me feel a little better about it. :)

Ok, gotta show my ignorance here (Some more!)....what is ground engaging, and how do i determine if it has one or not?

As for NEED, I probably don't really NEED the blower, but for the occasional bigger snow it might be nice. My drive is probably only 75' long or so, and pushing snow around with the blade on the Sabre sure is fun. Wife laughs at me...we get an inch and I'm out there pushin it back already! lol

Pretty sure shipping to sask. would be rather rough. Part of the fund raising here for a new trailer is because I drag things around for folks as a side hobby/cash job. So I could prolly throw it in the truck and deliver it to you, but that would be way more!! haha ;)

I will be picking it up early next week, so will def get pics up then! I'm not entirely sure its a cab specifically for this model, but we shall see soon enough!

Thanks for the opinions! keep em coming!
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Ground engaging transaxles are beefier units designed to be used with attachments that actually "engage" the ground (hence the name... :) ) such as tillers, front-end loaders, (to a lesser degree) plows/blades. The 165 does NOT have one of those, hence you'll never find a tiller for a 165... It HAS a snow blade, but you're not recommended to use that blade for anything BUT snow, or risk wrecking your transaxle.

SOMEBODY here should be able to tell you if your Sabre is ground engaging or not...
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The Sabre Yard tractors were advertised as Being able to take a 30inch Tiller But not a Sleeve hitch. Which the Deere Manual lift Integral Hitch(sleeve hitch) will fit your 1842HV
BTW Can you post a Picture of it of the 1842HV I wish they kept the Yard tractors with 42inch decks but the Sabre Yard tractors finally went to 48inch decks before the end of there run.:thThumbsU
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Ah, ok, i follow the ground engagement thing. Thanks!

This is the only pic I have of it w\ the mower deck on...not the greatest, and kind of a goofy shot. lol I already pulled off the mower deck and haven't yet put the blade on it, otherwise I would snap one right now. Will probably put the blade on later today, but I'm not sure that's really what you are looking for. :)

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She looks Grand Thanks for the Picture:thThumbsU
To be honest the Sabre Yard & Garden tractor were actually Improved over the GT275 The Sabres had Cast Iron font axles where the GT275 had a steel front axle and the mounting of the front axle was a better design then the GT275 From what I have been told by my friends at Deere.
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LTG, with the Canadian $ being almost at par, fill up that Dodge Dakota, and head out on a road trip while the weather is nice.
LTG, with the Canadian $ being almost at par, fill up that Dodge Dakota, and head out on a road trip while the weather is nice.
Nah, not enough space in my "barn" (ha ha!) for another tractor, no matter how much I might joke/whine/snivel/grovel about getting another one! Had to go out tonight and rearrange things so that between the car, the three bikes, the two project bikes, the tractor (and its paraphernalia) and the garden cart I could still get at my postage-stamp workbench... And you know our city, I couldn't just leave one sitting on the front lawn...

scolba, on first glance at your Sabre, do I see lugs on the tires? My understanding (and I'm sure someone will be along to correct me if I'm wrong) is that garden tractors (with ground-engaging transaxles) have lugged rears instead of just the centre mount snap-ring dealie like the 160s... So, you may have a ground-engaging transaxle in that Sabre... Unfortunately, I was serious about not having enough room for another lawn tractor... :(
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LTG The Sabre Yard tractors were made for ground engaging equipment.:thThumbsU
Well, I guess Sergeant answered that, but yes, you do see lugs on there. Nice, now I really don't feel so bad about trying to drag my boat off the trailer backwards with it. :) SHHH!!! :00000060:

Edit: I'm hesitant to post this, for fear of losing all credibility or what little respect i have built.... ;) but you guys might get a kick out of it. Just a super quick crude write up of what I did w\ the sabre. In retrospect, it wasn't likely a very good idea, but I was at a loss, and did NOT want to pull it off w\ the boat strapped to a tree, like i have seen others do.

ah yes...the things we do when we dont' have the right tools..... :sorry1:
:end edit

So I pick up the "real" Deere tonight. Apparently it also has a bagger attachment coming with it too! Kinda feel like I'm lucking out on this deal! and now........for the other shoe to
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Well, I guess Sergeant answered that, but yes, you do see lugs on there. Nice, now I really don't feel so bad about trying to drag my boat off the trailer backwards with it. :) SHHH!!! :00000060:

So I pick up the "real" Deere tonight. Apparently it also has a bagger attachment coming with it too! Kinda feel like I'm lucking out on this deal! and now........for the other shoe to
Bagger??! SWEET!!! When I first started looking into getting a bagger for mine, I was told it wasn't available anymore except as a "parts" purchase (ie, buying each individual part then assembling it from that), to the tune of around $500... Fortunately, I lucked into a hopper and chute from an old rear engine rider, and only had to buy the mounting bracket and post...

That is gonna be one WELL-EQUIPPED little Deere you'll have there!
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I liked the boat trailer story -- especially the fact that you left in all the little "******* moments" we can all relate to. :)

I hope you get to keep both tractors, 'seems they both have their own strengths and sooner or later it WILL pay off to have a "spare".

Lol...thanks WW, I guess I figure...why hide it. :)

Ok, so the real deer is home. That was a ton of work. I wasn't informed of the fact that both of the rear tires are shot, and that the hydro disconnect won't disengage. That made dragging it onto the trailer w\o a winch.....interesting. But 4 heart attacks later, I got er all done. this is at a gas station on the way home w\ cell phone, so the quality is brutal, but you can get a decent idea. Its going to be a project to get it all done and running right, but i think its a good base to start from.

So the guy told me that he hadn't used it since last year (yeah, it shows) and that it runs great in the summer time, but when he got out blowing down his lane (probably 1/4 mile or longer...he def needed something bigger) then it would die on him. So that's going to be one thing to have to figure out. I mean, clean carb, new plug, new gas, filter, and new batt are definites, so we'll see what happens after all that. Other than that, no other major surprises.....yet. lol

The pretty sure its for a tractor bigger than this one. It looks rather comical to me sitting on there. The batter stuff is in my truck...too dark to take pics...and, meh, its just a bagger. :)

So I think at this point, the original question of this thread has been answered. I will be keeping the Sabre, and probably launch the cab, and maybe the blower. Once i get the tractor running correctly, and reliably, i might 'forget' to sell it. hehe.


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Hey! Its a softside cab! I bet it would fold up REAL NEAT into a box for shipping to Canada! :)

I'm only half-joking..... I won't be FULLY joking til after I mention it to Littletractorgal....
er, the doors and front are, but there are a whole bunch of steel parts that i was pushing on! lol..that and real glass for the wiper too!! But as i understand it...greyhound might be an option too. :) Only half joking too...lmao ;)
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